11 thoughts on “SW Main Street, 1967

  1. This northern side of the Standard Plaza block always felt pretty unfriendly for pedestrians. Especially when the rest of the Standard Plaza is remarkably ped-friendly.
    Walking along the narrow-for-one-person sidewalk next to an imposing masonry wall, having to cross the driveway to the underground parking, and then walking along the railing next to where the ramp goes down all felt pretty unwelcoming to the pedestrian.

  2. Looks like GM is the best represented here…
    (front ’62 Bel Air Stationwagon, (middle) ’58 Chevy Biscayne, (rear) a beat-up ’63 Chevy C10 Pickup.
    Looked to be a cold morning, one worker with both hands in his jacket pockets talking with a co-worker whos also wearing a heavy coat, and the other fellow looks to be talking with a co-worker(s) down in the hole.

  3. I wonder why we don’t maintain/save some of the beautiful buildings of old. I know we’re told older buildings aren’t safe in the event of an earthquake – but they said that about the former Washington High School and interestingly it’s still in use today, just not as a high school. Hmmm.
    • Not everything has to be shined and new.

  4. i appreciate that comment Judy Taylor ! many older buildings where better built ! with a lot of class !

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