13 thoughts on “NE 28th Avenue, 1957

  1. Portland weather records say that on Jan. 19th, 1957 Portland received 1.5 inches of snow. Today’s photo says it was taken on Jan. 18th, a Friday and we can already see some snow has fallen.

  2. The Meadow Pontiac building is still there and now houses Hollywood Vintage Costume/Clothing. On the left, we see cars parked in the “Ray” something? free parking lot.

  3. I first I was surprised that the 28th St. viaduct was put in so late, realized that is the time that the Bandfield was finished about then

  4. Cynthia the final section of the Banfield from NE 42nd to Grand & Union ave did not open until January 24, 1958, which is 1 year after the date of this photo,

  5. Iron Fireman Inc. was on SE 18th between Schiller and Mitchell until it was sold to become Boeing of Portland and moved to the Troutdale are where it is to this day.

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