15 thoughts on “NE Eugene Street, 1968

  1. Love the funky mid-century mod restaurant. I wonder how many kids asked if they could go eat at the restaurant of the Flying Nun?

  2. Regarding BW Business Services, there is still a BW Tax & Payroll Services operating in Gresham, OR at 101 NE Roberts Ave.

  3. My cousins lived in this area of NE Portland and Crazy Eric’s was a great place to eat and hang out! Great burgers, fries, and shakes. At one time in the ’60s there was Friday or Saturday night Cruisin’ on 82nd just down from Madison High. Cars full of teens cruised from here down to Robin’s Burgers at 82nd & Division. Didn’t last long — too much traffic even then! Thanks VP for the memory!

  4. The white parked car is a Pontiac (GTO or Tempest LeMans) from 1965-67. The roofline looks like it might be a convertible. Judging from the roofline the red car looks to be a ’66 Dodge Coronet or something.

  5. What a disappointment that building is gone (or at least remodeled beyond recognition). Such a lovely midcentury design replaced by a nondescript box. We realized too late the value of that architectural era but at least we’ve started preserving some of our best remaining examples.

  6. This building was part of the mid 1960’s “Mister Donut” franchise, which had locations at 2145 NE 82nd (this photo) 4831 SE Powell, and 11411 NE Halsey. Aerial photos show that the 82nd and the SE Powell (now U-Haul) still have the Gull Wing style roof, but it has been covered by a newer facade. The location at 11411 NE Halsey is now the Gateway Breakfast House and remains as it was built in the 1960’s. President Obama visited the Gateway Breakfast House during a Portland stop about 2012.

    The Oregon Journal has a short story from September 1968 that “Crazy Eric’s) filled a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in Seattle that was transferred to Portland. The story shows their headquarters as Bremerton Wa. and indicates that they had a location on NE 82nd and The Dalles Or.

  7. Yup, Dennis, you beat me to it! Definitely a former Mister Donut building. Thankfully, Gateway Breakfast house is still a surviving example of this beautiful midcentury architecture!

  8. Google street view actually allows you to go around the back of the building in this case, and you can see the old gull wing roof!

  9. Within the Google Maps link provided by wploulorenziprince, you can “drive around” behind the building and see that the distinctive roofline is still there. It is obscured in the front by the rebuilt upper section.

  10. the same telephone pole is still there on the right corner ! just less cross arms & brown porcelain insulators on it now

  11. Justin and Chris, thanks for letting me know about that “drive around” feature in Google street view. I’ve never done that before. Yes, I see it’s the same building, remodeled. Guess which design I prefer?

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