12 thoughts on “Peninsula Park, 1935

  1. There are several articles mentioning men’s volleyball in the 1935 editions of The Oregonian and the Oregon Journal, but I found nothing specifically mentioning women’s groups. The Journal did run a story titled “Park Classes Open Monday in 4 Houses” which said, “Volleyball groups…will be allotted playing time by calling Ruth Wolff, director at Peninsula Park.” The classes were free to all age groups, from kindergarten through adults . (Sept. 29, 1935, p.6)

  2. This was a pleasant way for these women to spend a sunny mid-week (Wednesday) afternoon. It looks like the photographer took the shot before play actually commenced; as no one looks hot and sweaty here.

  3. My grandfather might have been inside painting the murals around the ceiling of the community building that day. He was thankful to get a WPA job during the Depression. Being a commercial artist in those times was not very lucrative. He painted on other projects and also taught art to nursing students and at University of Portland – anything to keep the family fed!

  4. The women wearing pumps also appears to have dress stockings rolled down around her ankles. Obviously she didn’t know she was to have her picture taken for posterity.

  5. Perhaps this excerpt from the Oregon Journal on 7/31/1935 (p. 17) of future events has some relation to this photo.

    Monday, August 5: boys track meet. Saturday. August 17, also at Grant: women’s volleyball tournament. August 20, Peninsula: men’s volleyball tournament. August 21, Peninsula:

    Later in the fall the Oregonian has schedules for women’s and girls volleyball classes at the Peninsula gym.

  6. Peninsula was a great city park when I was growing up in the 1950s! Beautiful lawns, swimming pool, trees, and the absolutely beautiful sunken rose garden with the Asian-style pergola. There was also a community rec center and a full summer recreation program for neighborhood youth. And don’t forget the youth circus and soap box derby. What a wonderful place to idle away a warm summer afternoon!

  7. The player at the back-left: are there 3-stripes on her shoes? Are those Adidas? Historically the 3-stripe logo/sidewall strengthening pattern goes back to the late 1920s.

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