11 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Boulevard, 1975

  1. Guy in the Nova anxiously looking in the rear-view mirror to see if the rodded Mustang is gonna try and race ’em.

  2. The picture was taken from Woodstock looking south down 92nd. The old house on the right of the photo is still there today if you travel down 92nd.

  3. @wploulorenziprince
    Believe it. The intersection is the same one. Swivel the Google Maps view to look east on Woodstock, so you can observe the I205 and MAX line overpasses. The empty lot on the SE corner is the site of the building pictured in the vintagePortland post. The neighborhood is being transformed by the arrival of MAX rapid transit, with the station a short walk away.

  4. The tall building on the right edge of the photo (6111 SE 92nd) is where folk singer & songwriter Woody Guthrie lived when he moved to Lents in 1941 and wrote songs for the Bonneville Power Administration like “Roll on Columbia”

  5. This is a companion photo to the one posted March 15th, taken on the same day. Even the parked cars are identical.

  6. This and the photo from March 15th mentioned above from 1975 show work being done for the construction of I-205 and the associated interchange that involved creating the Foster/Woodstock couplet.

  7. the 2 floor 1910 apartment house is still there on the far right I hope it stays around
    Lents has lost enough older buildings !!

  8. yes you could go on on on DJ Too bad the city allowed it to happen all that history down the drain

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