11 thoughts on “Harbor Wall, 1936

  1. A rough approximation of the area today with Int’l Harvester Building in the background.

  2. 1936, the wall only went in then? Wow that wall separates from being a flooded city and being festival good eatery city.

  3. Two of the workers that are in focus, and looking towards the camera look to be friendly, good-natured fellows. The other worker in focus, wearing the peacoat looks to involved in be cleaning some debris off his fingers or tending to a cut on his right thumb.

    It’s great that the International Harvester Building hasn’t been torn down. Here’s some info on what has been happening with it…

  4. Mike, I don’t think that is a timber crib in the background. The crib wall was completed 6 or 7 years earlier than this picture. I think the structure is a barge equipped with a bar screen for dredged material.

  5. Oregonian January 29, 1936 (excerpts)

    After having stood unfinished for nearly six years the west side harbor wall is now being completed by the addition of 3 1/2 foot concrete railings costing $60,000 along the top of the wall.

    Construction of an ornamental reinforced solid concrete railing 3 1/2 high and interspersed every 100 feet with bases for ornamental light standards along the top of the harbor wall, from the foot of Jefferson St. to the Steel bridge is expected to be completed in about two weeks. The project is being done for the city of Portland by the public works administration, involves and expenditure of about $60,000 for labor and materials, and provides work for about 100 men.

    At the same time that this work was happening the Nazi Swastika was flying from the German Navy cruiser “Emden” that was berthed at the harbor wall at the foot of Couch street from January 20-29, 1936.

    Prior to the building of the railing on the harbor wall it was very easy to just fall into the river.

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