9 thoughts on “SW 3rd Avenue, circa 1974

  1. Looks like the building that housed Olson’s and the jack shack are gone, but the building on the right is still there. Approximate address is 215 SW Taylor Street.

  2. Back around that time, I worked in alot of those buildings doing repairs on the upper floors and roofs.
    So many of their uppper floors were still original albeit well worn, sat unused for decades.
    For a guy who grown up in the suburbs, it was interesting (and horrifying also) to see how people prior to the 50s-60s would have lived and worked in a downtown environment.

  3. Not to nitpick, but these buildings were located on SW Taylor street, not SW 3rd Ave, and this shot is closer to 2nd and Taylor St. The remaining building could be saved and repurposed if the right person desired to do so.

  4. William Muny: Good job finding that building! So the VP title should be switched to “SW Taylor Street near SW Third Avenue.”

  5. When I was going to Wilson High in the 1960’s, before it was Ida B. Wells, and was going downtown on the Rose City Transit before it was Tri Met, my Dad said, “Don’t go below 4th Avenue!”

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