8 thoughts on “SW 10th Avenue, 1967

  1. Quite a bit of what’s shown in today’s image still exists. Owl Drugs is in the Pittock Block, the since-beautifully renovated Fliedner Buidling is across the street. Of course, the mid-century modern insurance building is still there as detailed in earlier postings on this site. Two buildings long gone are the building at 10th and Stark (now a parking lot for the Federal Reserve building, and I believe the sliver you see on the extreme right is the old Eastern Outfitting department store. The block on which it sat became, in turn, a parking lot, Portland’s largest food cart pod, and will soon be the Ritz-Carlton.

  2. My grandmother owned a white ’62 Impala SS with a blue interior (blue exterior body stripe on chrome piece); that was a fun car to ride in.

    In high school, I had a part-time job in a small-town newspaper (Half Moon Bay, CA)and my boss had a ’65 Ford Thunderbird like the one pictured here, with the sequential rear turn signals – boy, did his car ever reek of cigarette smoke.

    The blue Willys Jeep (? ’59-’60) with the rear metal wind deflectors would be a rare find today.

    The folks crossing the street look like office workers returning to work after having lunch at the cafe on that side of the street.

  3. As I recall, those wind deflectors were designed to keep dust from building up on the rear window. Good to have, I suppose, if you drove a lot of dirt roads.

  4. Taken about the same time as the post on January 13th, as the Studebaker wagon and white Caddy across the street are still there!

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