Council Crest, circa 1911

A color postcard of the observatory at Council Crest Amusement Park, circa 1911. You can see a black and white version of the image in a previous post by clicking here.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2004-002.10940.

View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Council Crest, circa 1911

  1. I had a friend from Illinois who lived with his aunt and uncle way up on SW Vista while attending Portland State in the 1960’s. Council Crest provided a lot of privacy and some great views.

  2. The Observatory was on the east side of the park, so this is my approximation of what the same scene looks like today:

  3. did we ever run down the source of the myth referenced at columbiariverimages? or proof of it being true?:
    “In 1905, a huge tree was hollowed out and placed at the top of Council Crest. The Lewis & Clark Elevator went to the top of the tree to an Observation Tower. ” –

    the observation tower in today’s photo is definitely the base of the portland heights observatory, moved here by the owner of the tower, a. duchamp – i’ve seen the documentation in the city archives, as well as newspaper reports. but aside from the infamous postcard with the big tree on it, i’ve never found a single artifact from big tree. might just mean i haven’t looked hard enough…

  4. I checked newspaper archives and found not information on the “Big Tree”. This is what PDXhistory writes about it today. “”This artist’s conception from an early postcard shows the “Big Tree” observatory in the center of the park. No evidence exist that suggest that the tree was ever erected, however, there are numerous photos and postcards of the wooden structure observatory”

  5. man those are some very cool lights very ornate look like there from France in the 1900s ! any still around ?

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