12 thoughts on “NE Stanton Street, 1968

  1. Too many of these old single-family homes have been torn out and replaced by apartment buildings, new homes, and perhaps, even a new church.

    I know the reason why thousands of trees have been planted over the years (to “fight” global warming) but the trees that got planted have created a yearly infrastructure maintenance nightmare for the city and turn neighborhoods into soggy muddy messes each fall. More evergreens should have been planted instead.

  2. Lots of stairs for the postal carrier to negotiate. I also like the driveway with all the grass or weeds you had to straddle and keep mowed to keep the bunnies and squirrels safe.

  3. Either the location is wrong or these properties have been completely re-developed; there’s no sign of the homes, foundation walls or driveways as far back as 2007.

    The strangest thing, to me, is the odd white structure at the far left with what I think is a ham radio antenna. And a bubble skylight? Even if that’s a commercial building it’s weird.

  4. Fairly distinct rooflines, especially the green one. Given the shadows we are looking North-Northwest. Looked along the block listed in the description and can’t find any of the three houses, nor the flat roofed white building (with a radio antenna?). I also haven’t been able to spot anything in nearby blocks that match.

  5. I LOVE the house in the center of the picture. I am guessing that the windows on the bump-out would give light to two bedrooms with a bathroom between them. I am a true romantic and I can picture grown kids coming home for dinner on Thanksgiving.

  6. Efiles has 5 photo for Stanton between 7th & NE Union (MLK) this photo I believe was taken one block south on NE Graham. The green house can be seen in the 2009 Google streetview and was redeveloped in 2015 with 2 new homes at 437 & 443 NE Graham. The white building is the Darigold milk plant on Union that was between Stanton & Graham.. One of the other efiles photos taken on Stanton shows several milk delivery trucks.

  7. Enlarging the photo of the milk trucks they read “Standard Dairy” but a plumbing permit for this building at 2808 NE Union indicated Darigold/

  8. Each house seems to have the perfect color for it’s design and the three together with their different and distinctive colors just seem to pop. i like this image, it makes me smile when to look at it. 🙂

  9. i love these old historic homes buildings they really add definition & beauty to the city too many have been torn down or deconstrued or some other thing happened to them

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