Fairfield Hotel, 1969

The Fairfield Hotel on SW Stark Street (SW Harvey Milk Street) between SW 11th Avenue and SW 12th Avenue, 1969.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, Fairfield Hotel exterior, A2012-005, 1969.

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12 thoughts on “Fairfield Hotel, 1969

  1. The e-files copy has the following information:
    Located at 1117 SW Stark. Includes views of the exterior, interior and a phone booth. Surgical Sales ; Jakes ; Jim Fisher Ford ; Lou Gilbert ; Hotel Joyce ; Fish Grotto ; 1125 Tavern

    In the container listed in the e-files copy, there are two other exterior views of the hotel, both interesting

  2. That’s funny, you can see an exercise bike in the window, and I think that’s now the location of Westend Bicycles. Full circle!

  3. The ’63 Impala on the far left looks like it has a beefy set of rear tires and maybe the front end has been lowered a little.

  4. Two cool VW vans. Jake’s is 77 years old in this photo, 130 years old today. Can you find the little red wagon? I’m perplexed by the gizmo on top of the bike handlebar–the flat circular thing–a bell? Also the strange sign that barely shows on the left edge of image, with the 3. What is that sign? The shop address ends in 3…

    But my favorite thing is the iconic Portland horse ring. 🙂

  5. The 3 being transparent appears to be a photo indicator of some kind. With so many photos of this block apparently taken the same day, is it possible something similar to the number man was going on here?

  6. The speedometer is on the right side of the handlebar with the speedometer cable connected to the wheel. The number 3 would likely indicate that this is the 3rd exposure on the roll of film.

  7. I think what Thorn is referring to is the object on the right handlebar, not the speedometer on the left handlebar. It looks like a spool (like a v-belt spool). It might possibly be part of the mechanism to change the effort on the Exercycle, though I’ll admit it doesn’t look much like that.

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