16 thoughts on “SW Montgomery Drive, 1985

  1. If the rest of you are seeing the same header photo for the website, the house in today’s photo at center left, is the same house as the one on the far upper right in the header photo.

  2. I think this photo may have been taken from the hairpin curve on SW Upper Hall Street. The central white and merengue house are still there, among others. Can anyone tell me what the body of water is where the freeway and tunnels are now? A dammed creek?

  3. Amazing pic of the cable car, trestle and Druhot House (1891)…

    Of all things in by-gone Portland, the ride from Goose Hollow to Council Crest mesmerizes me among the most. The astounding 1000-ft trestle, the turnstile and primate cages at Ainsworth school, the roller coaster and sternwheeler-driven log ride troughs circling the summit amusement park, and the views from top to bottom…just not the day the cable car brake broke!

    In 1985, the “cool” kids would skateboard SW Montgomery, from SW Patton to PSU, standing on longboards, flannel shirt flapping, knowing every crinkle and crack in the street, need I add sans pads and helmet. And not long after this pic, the world’s most famous and evil cartoon billionaire, Montgomery Burns, made his debut.

  4. Same place we watched Mt. St. Helens…

    PS–The internet says it was Montgomery Ward that helped named Mr. Burns, but young Matt Groening would have known the SW Montgomery equally well if not better.

  5. Thorn – I think you’re correct. I went to school with the Groening children, and I’m pretty sure they lived on SW Montgomery or right off Montgomery.

  6. My stepson owned this house at one time and it was through his efforts that it was placed on the National Historic Registry.

  7. I believe the Groening family lived at the home at the intersection of SW Evergreen Lane and SW Evergreen Terrace–also the Simpsons’ street name. It’s in an unusually secluded residential enclave surrounded by Washington Park and the only home that resembles, quite closely minus the garage, the Simpson’s home. Surrounded by the Wildwood trail, Matt mentions his forested walks to and from his home to school and friends’ houses in this Smithsonian article:


    He attended Ainsworth and Lincoln, so he would’ve known Montgomery Drive and the Southwest hills quite well as a boy and teen. In the article, he also mentions wanting to name all the characters after Portland streets as well as many other origins and connections to Oregon…

  8. if you look at the efiles, you will see another photo; these were taken as part of a condo project then being built.

    thorn, in 1958, the cool kids would walk the switchback trail down the hillside among the old cablecar trestle foundations! perhaps not an inspiration for a cartoon, but fun nonetheless. this trail has recently been uncovered, and will hopefully be fully restored as part of southwest trals #6 in the near future. the condo being built in this location was supposed to have provided a pedestrian path from the curve of sw montgomery down to sw market, but the city failed to enforce it…

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