7 thoughts on “SE 68th Avenue, 1953

  1. My former ‘hood. Needs more street trees but those small strips (and under under the utility lines on the west side of the street) don’t allow for much tree these days.

  2. I love the newly-planted trees to match the neighbors’ parking strip collection in the original photo. It looks like they were not long-lived; however, the beat goes on today as a different house continues the trend.

  3. The power poles on the left are not burdened today with as many horizontal cross beams as they were back in 1953.

    Many of the young recently planted trees seen here planted in the narrow strips between sidewalks and the road on the left, “didn’t make it”. The willowy-looking tree in the front yard of the house on the right “bit the dust, as well”.

    In today’s photo, Ford’s dominate…and I think that’s a Studebaker at the far end of the street. Car nearest camera is a ’51 FORD Crown Victoria Custom 2-door Hardtop. The car at the curb is another FORD ’53 either a Customline or Mainline (solid rear window without vertical chrome details).

  4. These neighborhood street scenes are interesting. I’m wondering if we could see more of the early industrialization and machinery era of the area. More specifically, images that are unique to the Pacific Northwest, it’s people, landscape and weather in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

  5. Looking at the closer of the two telephone poles in the distant left of the frame. Upon closer observation it looks as though it is the same pole in both images. the 1953 pole and the recent image posted by Igor. Other than the lean it has developed, sixty eight years, so far, seems to be a pretty good term of practical use.

  6. Likely that the photographer stepped out of the car at the far right of the image (only dark fender in frame) to snap this photo. I wonder what prompted him to take this particular photo?

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