8 thoughts on “SE Main Street, 1967

  1. The white house at the corner on the left was torn down and an “Art Deco Masterpiece” (realtors wording) was built in 1989 by the founder of Gardenburger, The house has 3 beds, 2.5 baths. “Use it as a primary residence, or rent some of it as an Airbnb. Separate studio with kitchen, bath, and outdoor shower. Four outdoor roof decks for tanning and bar-b-ques. Dry sauna and clawfoot tub in the master suite.” Valued at $757k.

  2. The fire hydrant is still there but the white birch tree didn’t make it (prone to disease in the Portland area).

    Cars in today’s photo are easily recognizable/distinguishable by make, but the cars in Google Street View are less so.

    GM was king in “the summer of love” but Toyota recently took up the title.

  3. That looks like a beautiful ’59 or ’60 Chevy Impala parked on the street facing the camera. Can anyone conform that? What a car that was!

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