20 thoughts on “SW 10th Avenue, 1967

  1. An early pioneer of the gay entertainment district in the Burnside Triangle was Riptide, which, I believe was housed in the Murray Hotel building prior to its being demolished to make way for the Federal Reserve building that now occupies the entire block. At one time, up to as many as six gay bars, lined either side of Stark street between 9th and 12th. Today, Scandals is the only remaining gay bar in the triangle.

  2. Many buildings in the distance still remain including the building advertising the Business College.

  3. I’ve posted this before but it’s worth repeating: When I was in the US Army in South Vietnam in 1966 The folks at KISN sent me a 7-8″ tape recorder reel that contained several hours current day music, news, and chatter. We played it over and over and over.

  4. I remember when KGAR had their surprise reveal across the street after weeks of secretly assembling the station behind blacked-out windows.

  5. When KISN was in It’s prime. Remember going to the carol tree in Vancouver as a kid with the whole family and hearing “Good Vibrations” by the Beach boys for the first time. It might have been in 67. I’d have to look up the release date of that particular song.

  6. Since Burnside was auto row, it appears that Strark was radio row with two radio station signs. Does anyone know what the ad on the building south of Brunside that says KGA was for? There was a radio station in Spokane with those call lettres and being an original (three lettre) station with 50kw was heard up and down the west coast. At on time it was owned by Lady Bird Johnson

  7. Fred
    Efiles has had a photo taken on the same date from the other side of NW 10th and the sign in question is more clearly visible and reads.
    —–Radio is KGAR
    —-in’ Sound Town Dial 1550

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