11 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1971

  1. The Laurelhurst Theater was playing My Fair Lady (1964 / Dir. George Cukor) and Finian’s Rainbow (1968 / Dir. Francis Ford Coppola), both good flicks.

    The white 1962 Chrysler New Yorker headed westbound, is the standout in this shot.

  2. How about restarted the game identify the date the photo was posted with the clue? I want a chance to beat Dennis.

  3. The photo was taken when there were competing pharmacies on the NE and SW corners of SE 28th and Burnside. Eventually, both were outcompeted by Freddie’s, Safeway, Rite Aid, and Walgreen’s.

  4. Mike I would be in on a rematch, but I only got a few more correct that you. To review the photo date ID contest started on March 23, 2020 and ended on June 17, 2020 with a new clue posted on M-W-F at 2 pm. The contest would have to change today as it was started during the early months of the Covid 19. lock down when people had more idle time . Meier & Frank had their “Friday Surprise” how about a “VP Friday Surprise” photo contest modeled on the old contest.

  5. @wp, thanks for the movie titles, was straining to figure those out. Aren’t there two more titles on the Laurelhurst marquee, any idea the names?

    In the lame trivia department, both Seattle and Portland have Laurelhurst neighborhoods, both named for and by a Seattle property development company–the Portland plot was purchased from, of course, William S. Ladd. Seattle’s Laurelhurst is even more affluent than Portland’s and coincidentally, both also border a Hawthorne neighborhood, albeit from different namesakes.

  6. Thorn if you look at the VP photo from August 13, 2021 the top line on the marquee says “All Color” in addition to the movies titles.

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