11 thoughts on “Hawthorne Boulevard, 1973

  1. I’d argue its the front side of Freddies…
    Its a shame we still live with these decisions from the mid-century that funnel and put the back of buildings to people walking/bussing/biking on Hawthorne. All in order to prioritize access for folks who drove.

  2. The Oregonian published on September 2, 1951 (page 8) an illustration of the new Hawthorne Fred Meyer showing that the store had large windows along the length of both Hawthorne and 39th ave. with an entrance at the corner. The Oregon Journal also published the same illustration only a few days before the September 11, 1951 grand opening.

  3. Susan: FYI, the Hawthorne entrance to the store has been reopened. Not sure when they did it, but it’s been open for at least three weeks or so….at least that’s when I first noticed. I don’t know why they closed it but the timing suggests it might have been Covid-related. But that’s a guess.

  4. And another great memory:
    My Grandpa gave me 10 cents every time we visited. When I had $30 some dollars my Mom took me to the First National Bank (far right of the photo) and opened a savings account for me. When I went back to take out money, I was disappointed that it wasn’t returned in dimes.

  5. This is taken from just in front of the Hawthorne Branch of the Benj. Franklin Savings & Loan, which would bought out by Bank of America in the S&L Crisis in the late 1980s/early 1990s

  6. the street light fixtures those are Westinghouse OV 20s fixtures possibly
    i like them installed in late 50s

  7. Don’t forget the Masonic Lodge top right of today’s picture; it was sold off years later and became a dance hall of sorts.

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