10 thoughts on “Hose Truck, circa 1935

  1. Did local fire companies design and build their own trucks at some point, rather than buying off-the-shelf as they do now?

  2. I suspect this very well done drawing came from the apparatus manufacturer. The photo is probably from an Ozalid (blue print) reproduction. The original was made by a draftsman with a pen and India ink. Couldn’t erase. No white out. No delete key in a CAD system. He had one chance to get it right.These old drawings are very impressive.

  3. Whoa. Didn’t expect a hose truck drawing today. There are some hand-written edits on the profile view. The related photos are “loosely” at best. Good luck with the street view!

    It seems an odd photo for VP’s usual mission, showing Portland of the past. For the sake of minimal relevance, I’ll assume it was drawn by a Portland fire department mechanic, apparently some time in the 1930’s. I’m waiting for the auto experts to sleuth out the exact date based on the truck model!

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