11 thoughts on “Dekum Court, 1965

  1. Can anyone figure out if this house still exists? Looks like there’s a 24_7 next to the door. I looked on PortlandMaps and GoogleMaps street view and couldn’t find a house with any of those numbers matching the photo.

  2. I have no idea where #2437? is located on Google maps today. Is it Dekum Court off NE Saratoga St.? I don’t think this structure exists today. I can’t find an intersecting street with a fire hydrant on it, that matches this perspective.

  3. If you go to efiles portland and search war housing you will find The Dekum court project map with a house at 2417 NE Saratoga.

  4. Dekum Court was built in 1942 as a housing development for military personnel working at the air base at PDX. and the US Government keep it through the Korean war, and later turned it over to the Housing Authority of Portland. All of this housing was demolished in the late 70’s or 80’s and new homes were built on the site.

    Looking at an old plat of Dekum Court the unit on the NW corner of Dekum & Saratoga had a house number of 2407, and the home at this location today has the address of 2335 NE Dekum.. In today’s photo the home to the left in the distance is still there at 2236 NE Dekum, and the fire hydrant is still on the corner.

  5. According to what looks like a well-constructed article in Wikipedia, Dekum Street was named for Frank Dekum (1829-1894), “a prominent 19th century fruit merchant, banker, and real-estate investor in Portland.” I checked the public library’s Ancestry database and found a beautifully done family tree posted by some of his descendants. He was born in Bavaria, Germany and arrived in the USA at age 8. After coming to Portland in 1853 at age 23, he and a partner opened the first fruit and confectionery store in the city. He and his wife Francesca had eight children, all born in Portland. When he died at age 64, his occupation was listed as banker. Dekum is buried in Lone Fir Cemetery.

    There is a current Dekum Court, as well:

    “Dekum Court is a two-story public housing apartment community [ at 2402-2434 NE Morgan Street] with 40 two and three bedroom homes, including two apartments with physical accommodations for accessibility. It is located in the Concordia neighborhood of Northeast Portland and has a playground and on site Head Start program for children. …Dekum Court features a community center, washer/dryer hookups, a playground, and some on-site parking.”


  6. We already discussed Dekum court here. We lived there in the late 50’s. Could see the “White Satin sugar” tower from our apt.

  7. I remember these days and the nice reminder of how some in previous generation’s showcased where they lived by expressing their pride and artistic talent in foliage and paint.
    A very nice image . Thank you 😊

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