Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation, 1963

Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation at SW 3rd Ave and SW Arthur Street, 1963.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, 2543 – Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation-SW 3rd Ave at SW Arthur, A2000-033, 1963.

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8 thoughts on “Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation, 1963

  1. William Hendershot: The truck looks like it may be a 1960 Dodge D100, The car parked ahead of the truck might possibly be a Chevrolet Impala 4-door (1962/63).

    It’s really quite unfortunate that this area wasn’t developed to highlight the quaintness of this area away from downtown; more small family businesses, eateries, rather than a treed corporate office “dead zone” with unending traffic backups and scenery that people never really get to enjoy.

  2. The area shown in this photo and north was exactly what wploulorenziprince describes — until they leveled it in the 1950’s under the guise of “blight” and “urban renewal”. So sad.

  3. In the distance you can see the three gas holder or gasometer tanks of Portland Gas and Coke later Northwest Natural Gas at SE 9th and SE Powell.

  4. Many wonderful homes here have survived the lasers beams of urban planners and been refurbished, often colorfully finished. Fun to find the side streets and shortcuts to Barbur and bridges and see what’s new. Incredible history here:

    This area actually reminds me of Old Town, the “other end” of Portland, of industry and immigration. Of course I also think about the old growth forest, native meadows, fur trappers, land prospectors, the venders and mule carts and mix of languages, and the landfill, now covered by one of our most aptly named parks.

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