13 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1932

  1. The building with the tank above is now the Archdiocese of Portland (Catholic) office. The structure was built as a trolley car barn but wasremodelled into office space along time ago. It probably something else at the time of this picture. Burnside & 28th Avenue was trolley car central for the eastside back in the day. Besides the preserved Trolley building at 2715 E Burnside, this building and the Whole Foods store across the street were trolley barns at one time.

  2. Historic plumbing permits from the early 1930’s give a clue on the ivy covered building when it is described as a car barn (streetcar barn). Most everyone knows of the streetcar barn just west of 28th on the North side of Burnside, but there was a car barn east of 28th on Burnside also.

    Wikipedia ( Ankeny streetcar Line)

    The original Ankeny car barn was built in 1892 by the city and Suburban Railway Company, one of PRL&P;s predecessors. It was located at 24th and East Ankeny, but after fire destroyed it in 1894 it was rebuilt at 28th and East Burnside, on the east side of 28th. The complex was expanded in 1901 and 1910 through the construction of additional buildings, including bays D & E, located west of 28th between Burnside and Couch streets.

    The Oregon Historical Society digital collection has a photo taken at the East Ankeny car barn. The photo shows streetcar employees in front of the East Ankeny car barn as several men sit on the roof of a streetcar, while others line up in the windows and in front. A wooden water tower can be seen in the background

  3. Thanks, Dennis and JimW,
    Perhaps after being burned out at 24th and Ankeny, the new building was constructed with the large water tank as part of a fire suppression system.

  4. So it’s before the other roof went up on top of Sun & Rosie’s. If you look to the east end of the building, you can almost see the office door that used to say “Sun D. Wong” during the Sun & Rosie times. We used to call Sun “Uncle Don,” he was a friend of my parents.

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