6 thoughts on “NE Stanton Street, 1968

  1. Awesome Robert! For those who don’t know, here’s a google tip for today: click on Robert’s link and wait for it to open, in the upper left, there’s a box it will show the address (534 NE Stanton St). At the bottom of that box, you’ll see a clock face icon. Next to that is a small arrow pointing downward. Click on the arrow and select 2016 on the street view date slider. This will show you a March 2016 picture with the trees without leaves. It matches up pretty good. Enjoy!

  2. No house is greener than an old house. No trees need to be cut down, no carbon dioxide off-gassed from new concrete foundations- and they are, comparatively, affordable.

  3. The house on the left was build circa 1908 and had a address of 411 Stanton under the old Portland address system. A birth announcement in the newspaper in 1908 shows that John Helser and his wife had a daughter. The 1910 US Census shows that John C Helser (28) and his wife Emma (26) a son (4 yrs) and daughter (22 mths) lived at 411 Stanton. John Helser’s occupation is listed as owner of a transfer company. The Helser family was no longer living at 411 Stanton in the 1920 US Census, but was still living in Portland.

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