4 thoughts on “Knott Street Community Center, 1963

  1. The girl third from left in back row seems she might be an aspiring dancer.Out stretched arm with hand open reaching skyward, head looking straight ahead. Seems to be enjoying the exercise.

  2. I’m surprised the youngster at the front was allowed into the gym with her black heeled hard shoes – that was a big “no-no” in schools I attended. Looks like all the other girls are wearing “KEDS” all in different states of wear.

    The thick-knotted climbing rope in the background doesn’t bring back any good memories for me; rope burns, and humiliation for not being quite able to get to the top (and I wasn’t a weakling, I assure you).

  3. Seeing the climbing rope reminds me of PE at Abernathy Grade School in the early 70’s. The boys PE instructor (I think it was Mr. Viser) challenged us to climb the rope upside down for extra credit.

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