14 thoughts on “SE 68th Avenue, 1953

  1. Lots of free mud available and a great place for playing baseball! Hopefully a fresh look from current day google maps will show curbs, grass, a line of new homes, trees, cars and driveways.

  2. Based on the fact that there is a baseball backstop seen in today’s photo, and that the only baseball diamonds near this location would have been associated with Kellogg Middle School, I’m proposing that this photo was taken farther North, from what is now SE 68th Ct. between SE Brooklyn St. and SE Kelly St. shooting south (in the afternoon). The stretch of road seen here is dirt because SE 68th didn’t go straight through to SE Powell Blvd. so this dirt road enabled drivers to make SE 68th Ave. go all the way through to SE Powell. (i.e. SE 68 Ct connecting to SE 68th Ave). I don’t know if this is correct, but I think it might be?
    End of SE 68th Ct. facing South:

    Baseball diamond at the bend of SE 69th Ave. & SE Kelly St. looking North:

  3. If this photo was looking North on SE 68th or SE 68th Ct. you would see Mt Tabor in the distance, it must be looking south from a unknown location.

  4. I agree that it can’t be SE 68th, north of Powell. I checked on portland maps and every house on that street was built prior to 1953 and none of them seem to be in today’s photo. 69th across from to the Kellogg middle school would seem more likely but same with the houses there. Also the middle school was very old by 1953 and it seems unlikely there would have been a dirt road in front of it. Powell is a possibility since widening would have taken out houses but was it a dirt road in ’53? Also unlikely especially since looking east would have revealed Kelly Butte. I’m out of ideas.

  5. I thought that was Kern Park in the photo which is on 67th south of Powell, but the house aren’t lining up:

  6. I guess my somewhat extensive comment about the ages of the various houses on 68th, 69th and Powell near the Kellogg School as to the location of the photo didn’t make the cut. I couldn’t come up with a likely actual location but no one else has either.

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