9 thoughts on “SE Foster Road, 1974

  1. It is amazing how much land is undeveloped or agricultural use in this photograph, The Foster Drive-in Movie Theater existed from 1969 to 1998. It expanded to three screens in 1974 and had room for 1800 cars; 800 for the main screen, 400 cars each for the other two. The Foster Road Drive-In was a Tom Moyer Luxury Theater and the first multi screen drive-in in the state. It was demolished to make room for an industrial park.

  2. My old stomping grounds. I walked that creek many times. Middle of the picture you can see the Black Forest Restaurant on south side of Foster Rd. There was a Rocket service station on 107th and Foster Rd. Just west of that was a Mom&Pop grocery store, then down at 104th, the Last Chance Tavern. This area was classic dive bomb stuff with the drive-in, RR tracks, Johnson Creek and FAP to boot. Good times.

  3. I-205 in the distance. I-205 stopped at SE Foster for quite some time till Multnomah county worked out with ODOT the exact configuration the freeway would take.

  4. Wow.
    The Black Forest… I was Electrician in the 80’s, had a call to work there on some refrigeration and other circuits. It was memorable to say the least.
    That place was not the nastiest kitchen I ever worked in, but a legitimate contender.

  5. I’m not sure I’m right about this, but I think most – perhaps all – of the homes among the trees at left center are gone. I think they were removed after persistent flooding by Johnson Creek made living there impractical. It makes me think of what may happen soon to many coastal communities impacted by bigger storms and rising seas.

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