13 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1981

  1. First, you have to love the three folks sharing the bus bench. Second, I’m guessing that car is not a collector’s classic these days. Three, Pat and Jerry’s looks way better than Tom’s did on friday’s VP post. And finally, the movies listed on the marquee…I definitely saw Airplane in the theater, maybe even at the LaurelHurst. And who doesn’t love Victory, possibly Stallone’s best flick, include Pele’ and Micheal Cain among others.

    I heard that some high school classmates of mine bought and refurbished the Laurelhurst into the modern incarnation including beer and pizza. So glad this theater survives!

  2. The diner was gone and they had replaced it with a 4th screen the first I went there in 1987. One my first dates with my wife of 30 years.

  3. The movie theater was still showing double features at this time. The surrounding trees have grown quite a bit in 40 years. The bus stop is gone and the traffic light control box has been relocated kitty-corner.
    Pat & Jerry’s Restaurant has been gone for at least 15 years.

  4. Mike
    A plumbing permit from 1936 shows that 2 NE 28th which should be the corner location of Starbucks today was a Safeway store.

    The 6 movies on the Laurlhurst sign were all playing from October 17 thru 21, 1981 according to published show times in the Oregon Journal.

  5. rare early 80’s toyota tercel pictured prominently… those cars sold in huge numbers in japan but never really caught on in the states… it was in-between the corolla and the starlet and never really found a market here…

    my high school sweetheart had the even more rare tercel sr-5 hatchback… impossible to find these days but a fun little car back in it’s day!

  6. My brothers and sisters and I would go to Wednesday afternoon matinee. You had a punch card which was good for 10 movie. Movies were like The Adventures of Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, Journey to the Center of the Earth. My mom would make popcorn and we’d bring a big grocery sack full. Back then they didn’t care.

  7. I saw James Coburn in “our man Flint” there when it first came out in the sixties. Didn’t know it was a spoof until a few years ago and even then I argued with my friend about it.Thought it was just another James bond type movie.

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