14 thoughts on “SE 92nd Avenue, 1938

  1. This was once a nice rough and tumble Portland neighborhood where you could get your radio repaired, buy some fresh baked bread and pastries or perhaps get a bite of lunch with one of your neighbors or co-worker; the construction of I-205 decades later changed all that to a large degree.

    This is a wonderful street scene photo. Standout features for me are the rain-slicked street, the shiny sedan on the left, and the two women on the right. The woman walking under the umbrella towards Foster must be late for an appointment with the woman who is looking angrily at her near the street corner. Her stance says it all, feet wide apart, arms bent with hands-on-hips.

    The nice coupe parked nearest the camera is a 1937 Chevrolet Two-door Sedan with a “flameon” front grill.

  2. Singer and song writer Woody Guthrie came to Portland in the spring of 1941 and got a job writing songs for the Bonneville Power Admin. about hydro power. While in Portland he lived a 4 plex at 6111 SE 92nd ave. which is the tall building on the left near the second power pole. This building is still standing and one of the new apartment buildings in Lents was named after Woody Guthrie.

  3. Thank you for the Woody Gutherie information, gentlemen. I wouldn’t think Woody wouldn’t approve of the massive dense structures crammed into this area.

    DJ I originally had “coupe” until I saw it being called a 2-door sedan on various sites. Chevy did make some 2-door sedans in the 50’s & ’60’s, I think.

  4. The massive dense structures crammed into the area help preserve the urban growth boundary, provide housing for low-income people, and reduce emissions and car dependence, so there’s plenty about them for Woody to like.

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