9 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, circa 1934

  1. I’d sure like to see this photo in color, relatively new houses in good shape with original paint. I suspect they were beautiful.

  2. From the low sun angle and leafless condition of the small trees and people’s dress, I think this photo may have been taken in early November. The wettest rain day in Portland was December 29th, 1934 with 1.84″; so compared to other years rainfall was light this year. There was a bad wind storm on Oct. 21 that caused problems from Portland to Seattle.

    There’s a nice collection of cars here with the big sedan passing the older Ford coupe near the camera.

    Pedestrians, all wearing long coats & hats (men). There’s a young woman with pretty hair walking towards a house; perhaps reaching into her bag for her door key. Next is an older couple walking side by side and the man looks like he’s carrying two suitcases. The older man walking ahead of them wearing a suit looks like he might have an unsteady gait – as his posture looks somewhat bent forward.

    I like the water tank in the background. It’s a huge shame that more of these homes didn’t survive.

  3. The awning of the building at the NE corner of 20th & Burnside is visible at the edge of the photo. It was built in 1926. 1934 sounds a few years to late. The photos were probably taken to document the widening of Burnside which done in the early 30s.

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