13 thoughts on “SW 10th Avenue, 1962

  1. Looks like the driver of the red MG was out cruising around with their top-down on this fine-looking summer day; the tonneau covers on MG’s were great too, when cruising around solo.

  2. Mike
    I think the clock was on the roof of the building at 10 NW 10th ave. which is the building where KISN radio had their ground floor studio in the window on the corner NW 10th and Burnside. Perhaps the clock was installed by the radio station.


  4. Patrick, the building you mentioned is the Beneficial State Foundation building at SW 12th and Washington, one block south and one block west of the location of today’s photo.

  5. The building with the clock on the roof was likely built as a hotel.
    This ad was published in the Oregonian on January 1, 1935
    Cor. Tenth and Burnside St. — Portland Oregon
    Wishing You A Happy 1935
    It will be our 21st year in the hotel business in Portland, Oregon
    P. N. Palumbis Mgr.

  6. Dennis — Intrigued by the surname Palumbis, I looked it up in the Ancestry Library database, and found that in 1924, J.N. Palumbis was listed in the U.S. Motor Vehicle Registrations as living at 225 Jefferson. In “Past Portland” the modern address is 115 SW Jefferson. “Past Portland” notes those who lived there, among them Jerry N Palumbis, restaurant worker. (His address now seems to be where the parking garage across from the U.S. Post Office on 1st and Madison is.)

  7. When I first moved downtown to go to PSU in the mid-90’s, that middle building had a computer parts store on the ground floor that I would frequently visit, really friendly owner, low prices, but felt very ramshackle – like he had just unloaded everything in a hurry. Once I purchased a 20″ CRT, big heavy beast of a monitor, and had to haul it back up towards campus in a shopping cart. Fun times.

  8. Liz
    Looking a new stories for P N Palembis ( Panagis Nick Palumbis ) this Greek immigrant lived a very interesting life in Oregon. The first mention was about 1913 when he sued Hampton lumber in Mill City Or $6,100. when someone threw a splinter that injured his eye. In Portland he appears to have owned not only the Montclair Hotel, but apartment buildings. In the 1940’s an ex-convict who was staying at the hotel tried to murder him in the hotel elevator, and the ex-con got 15 yrs when he was captured. He also called in police when he reported he lost a $7,000 diamond ring ( about $122,000 today) which a police detective found in the hotel elevator shaft. Mr Palumbis had a few run ins with the law, such as the time he was driving in downtown on a rainy day and could not see out his windshield and did not see the traffic cop directing traffic on Stark st. causing the cop to jump onto the front bumper of his car to avoid being run over. He also was fined for operating illegal slot machine at the hotel, and some other minor incidents.
    Mr Palumbis died in March 1962, and the local news papers sometimes spelled his name Paloumbis and also called him Pete.

  9. despite all the ugly plastic metal trash buildings going up our city still has so many beautifully architectural masterpieces of a bygone era !! thumbs up if you agree with me !

  10. the most beautiful building in our city is the Dekum building Address: 519 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
    Phone: (503) 227-1813
    Opened: 1892
    Area: 8,712 ft²
    Architectural styles: Romanesque Revival architecture, Romanesque architecture
    Added to NRHP: October 10, 1980
    NRHP Reference Number: 80003363

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