14 thoughts on “SW Park Avenue, 1913

  1. These public restrooms were nicely done and quite ornate, originally. I’ve never seen them in anywhere near this condition in the 17 years I’ve lived in the area. It’s unfortunate they weren’t able to stay in operation given the preponderance of vandalism and later, homelessness over the last several decades.

  2. I haven’t been able to find the construction date for the restrooms but the tall building behind is now the Ankeny Square Apartments, originally built in 1910, but the edifice has greatly changed.

  3. This is definitely pre-1930 Burnside widening. I’m a little surprised at the condition of the curbs. I wouldn’t think they were that old at the time of this photo.

  4. The nearest tree still stands, must be 120-150 years old…circa 1870? The small fountain is interesting too.

    Also on the sidewalk by the contractor stamp, I can’t identify the object(s)…perhaps ledgers or booklets of the photographer? And when did City of Portland begin/end having street names stamped in the sidewalk curbs?

    This block is currently being rejuvenated by a food cart pod, The Cart Blocks.

    Great pics recently VP, thank you.

  5. Robert G. It’s “K.G.” not “K.C.”. By 1916 hotels in the city were asking for “four more “comfort stations” to ease stress on them caused by “closing of saloons”. The oldest sidewalk stamp I have found is over by Hinson Baptist church in SE Portland. (1903) This contractor put the entire month, day and year on the curb. I have been taking pic’s of sidewalk contractors names, errors etc. since 2003. In that time I’d say fully two thirds off the “cool stuff” I found is gone. One that is still there on SE Belmont is one that says “Works projects administration 1940”. They changed from “progress” to “projects” in 1939.

  6. The 1913 date for this photo is wrong.

    Oregonian February 15, 1920 page 15

    Proposed comfort station to be located on block surrounded bu Park, West Park Burnside and Ankeny. The story includes drawing of buildings as shown in photo.

    Oregon Journal February 22, 1920 page 8

    Plans for comfort stations are ready; cost about $25,000.0Plans for a public comfort station to be erected on Ankeny between Park and West Park streets, have been completed by Sutton & Whitney. The stations will occupy a site in the lower park block and will face the North Bank railroad station. Plans call for two separate buildings of brick construction, each 18 by 36 feet in dimensions. Estimated cost is approx. $25,000. Equipment will be similar to that of comfort stations in other parts of the city. Heat will be furnished by Northwest Electric company.

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