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  1. Wow…did Portland actually remove downtown parking at some point? I assume the parking structure on the left was replaced by the one under the Keller fountain, and the one in the foreground was replaced by a pedestrian walkway.

  2. I typed up essentially the same thing Mike. 6 of the 7 cars are the same make and the 3 convertibles are the model. I was wondering if it’s either a car sales lot or storage for one.

  3. View from the pedestrian walkway (seen on right) as seen in 10/2016.

    This photo has reminded me of how popular that dark green metallic paint job was on Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth cars of this time – I knew several people who owned them.

    The orange car parked near the auditorium looks like it might be an early Toyota Corolla 1200 sedan.

  4. from Wikipedia:

    In 1967–68 the building underwent an extensive remodeling, which included complete refacing with a new modern-style exterior, at a cost of $4 million. Architect for the renovation was Keith Maguire of Portland architectural firm Stanton, Boles, Maguire and Church. It was ceremonially reopened on May 3, 1968. Only 17 percent of the original structure was salvaged as part of the remodeling, comprising mainly the north and south walls.

    In June 1970, Ada Louise Huxtable called the redesigned auditorium “a building of unrelieved blandness”.

  5. one 1970 pontiac firebird hard top four 1970 pontiac firebird convertibles one pontiac grand prix and a mid 60’s mustang.

    probably overflow from a car lot? but it seems odd they would be right in the middle of downtown like that. did there used to be a pontiac dealership downtown? i thought all the dealerships were on the east side back then.

    those pontiac firebird convertibles are very rare today. ever more so if they had a manual transmission!

  6. That orange Toyota is probably Ashley Kings’.
    She was a cleaning service supervisor at the Keller during those years.

  7. actually i was wrong! those firebirds are late 60’s. body style changed for the 1970 model year so it’s possible that those are cars taken in on trade? or new old stock? 68’s and 69’s that never got sold? very curious!

  8. The parking structure in the photo was built in 1969 and is still at SW 3rd. and SW Clay
    The lot where the car are parked is part of the building at 1600 SW 4th.
    The only auto dealership that I recall in this area from 1970 was Riviera Motors VW dealership at 1605 SW Front ave.

  9. after thinking about it for a bit… it would make sense that those are rental cars. especially when you consider that convertibles were not the most practical PNW cars… but they are fun to drive to the coast or up to seattle for the day or whatever if you wanted to rent one. the uniformity of color (like they are part of a fleet vs random cars parked together) and the fact that in 1970 they are only a few years old makes me lean towards rental cars.

  10. I wonder if that isn’t Boise-Cascade’s office fleet, as they all seem to be ’69 Firebirds and would have been purchased about the time that B-C moved into that building.

  11. the biggest urban renewal area of downtown starting in the early 70s only a few 19th century buildings exist now !

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