19 thoughts on “SW Talbot Road, 1949

  1. COOL! I’ve been looking for a photo of this part of the Council Crest street car private right of way forever. Thank you!

  2. Looks like the rail line tracks lasted about another 4 years before they were buried/removed. The house on the left survived until mid seventies until the 3rd water tank was built. What a great photo. TY VP.

  3. You can see the house on the right on street view June 2016. Looks like the street was raised considerably from the elevation of the tracks. If you back up on today’s street view, there’s a sign warning that the street is a “weight restricted bridge.”

    I remember when they built the 3rd tank and tore down the house, but I think it was in the 50s or 60s. And I’m pretty sure I still remember the name of the girl who lived there.

  4. Great photo from my neighborhood. There’s a bit of a problem with the exact location. Talbot Rd. crosses Greenway at three locations. The northern-most is at the junction of Talbot, Greenway, and Patton. The middle one is shown by @Cody above, and the southern-most where the Greenway bridge passes over Talbot. Even though All but one of the houses at each of these junctions pre-date 1949 (outlier is at 2728 SW GREENWAY from 1951) but none match either of the houses I can see in the photo. The previous post from this area (also 1949) is the middle junction. The house in that photo exists pretty much unchanged today. https://tinyurl.com/56p7983y

  5. ssssteven – The house in your link is the same house we see on the right in today’s photo – today’s photo shows the side porch almost at track level, today that porch is well below street grade.

  6. Thanks, Susan, I see it now. Not sure why I couldn’t see it before. Interesting that looking at the photo file titles, the one I linked is dated Jul. 13th and today’s is dated Sep. 26.

  7. wl: Very nice! Answers a few questions.
    On the proposed storage photo, did they get Greenway Ave and Talbot Rd mixed up?

  8. William, to clarify, on wl’s link, the streets are mixed up/ reversed. Talbot Road goes under the Greenway overpass.

  9. Both the Oregonian and the Oregon Journal wrote many stories of the building of SW Greenway in the old roadbed of the abandon Council Crest streetcar line from Patton Rd. to Council Crest. Work began in the fall of 1949 and was completed from Patton Rd, to Talbot, but the need to replace the 10′ wide streetcar crossing at Talbot with a 28′ wide viaduct meant the last segment from Talbot to Council Crest did not open until October 1, 1950. Property owners along the new Greenway route to council Crest were unhappy with original plan for a 40′ wide street, and the street width was reduced to 32′ The Oregon Journal printed the stories of some of these property owners.

    Oregon Journal August 14, 1949
    Porch Must Go—Miss Lulu George 2849 SW Greenway ave. stands where new 40′ Council Crest road will cut across front porch, completely cutting off apartments below from light. Eaves of house Miss George rents will extend over raod as it is now staked out.

    Mrs. H. R. Colwell, 2838 SW Montgomery Dr. shows where new Greenway Ave. will cut through her veranda. Mrs Colwell estimates road will cut their property value by 50 per cent. Colwell knew nothing of proposed road until workmen drove stakes on their patio. Asked why, city employee answered “I just work for the city”

    Historical aerial photos show that the water tank that was built on the site of the house that was torn happened between 1970-1975.

  10. For the @wl photo: One problem is that it is “upside down” from what one would expect. The top of the photo is towards Council Crest. But the labels are wrong. Talbot is on the left, Greenway the middle, and Montgomery on the right. Flipping the usual aerial view upside down make it easier to see. https://tinyurl.com/4zyx56h3

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