9 thoughts on “N Prescott Street, 1939

  1. I used to live there and recognize nothing. Is this facing east?

    That neighborhood’s character is surprisingly durable despite constant city planning flux: grid changes, an airport, freeway planning, light rail, redevelopment…

  2. My guess is that the camera was facing East in today’s photo. Not much survives from this time, today.

    That’s a very tall, neatly stacked delivery of wood next to the car…it would be tough to unload and re-stack somewhere.

    I’ve run out of time but I think the sedan is a 1930 Oakland. Not sure though as I could not find a sedan with the aerodynamic “triangle” stamped on the front windscreen shade.

  3. Schmamps yes this photo is looking east and much has changed since 1939. The houses on the right side were torn down 2009/2010, but the two houses in the center are still there. The house on the left is at 4418 N Montana & the house on the right is at 4404 N Montana.

  4. The photo in Efiles is “A2000-025.1183 : Completed sidewalk and curb project at N Prescott St from Interstate to Maryland”

    So yep, as many have already confirmed, it faces east. Hard to believe we’re looking at homes that wouldn’t be standing for decades to come.

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