12 thoughts on “NE Dekum Street, 1964

  1. not positive but i think that’s a 1955 210 station wagon. the red car might be a plymouth? someone older and wiser than me probably knows for sure. these cars are a bit before my time.

  2. I’m having trouble reconciling the Google Street View of today with today’s VP post.
    I thought this was a morning shot, but I’m not really sure, now.

    So, today my comments will focus on the cars. The car nearest the camera is a 1956 Chevy station wagon. These usually came with a two-tone paint job so I’m not sure if this one had been repainted.

    The other car might be a 1954 Plymouth Belvedere convertible coupe.

  3. This does appear to be the correct location. The buildings between 27th and 29th were torn down or moved by Concordia College about 2010 as can been seen in period aerial photos on Portland Maps. The vacant lot in this photo according to plumbing permits had a house moved on to it in 1971 by Concordia College. Out of frame in this photo is the WW II housing development Dekum Court which was under consideration as the site for the new John Adams High School, and I believe these photos were taken to document the area near the proposed school.

  4. Good sleuthing, Dennis!

    Something felt askew while trying to reconcile the old photo, slightly historical street view linked above, and current assessor records. A superficial look at the data suggested that the lot shouldn’t be empty, the building should be gone, etc. so I’m glad all the conflicts are resolved.

  5. Until recently, the red building on the corner housed the Concordia University campus maintenance dept. Now that the campus was recently shut down, the Lutheran Church retains control of the property.

  6. I lived in Dekum courts in the late 50’s. That building was still extant for years. On the same side of Dekum a little west was a store where we used to buy penny candy. On the South East corner of the sidewalk (if it’s still there) should be the mark of R.L. Ringer who layed the sidewalk. When you walk across the Benson bridge at Multnomah falls you will see Mr. Ringers name engraved there, along with the date (1914). It is toward the East end. After Mr. Ringer engraved his name he was told to remove it by the contractor. He proceeded to cover it with a mixture that he knew would wear off in a few years. So there it is. Anybody else who grew up in that area will remember “Frankie’s market (gone) and the “White Satin sugar tower” (still there).

  7. I also lived in Dekum Courts in the late 50’s until we moved to 15th and Ainsworth. I believe this photo is 30th and Dekum. I thought the store was Hal’s Market. Yes We went to Frankie’s all the time. My Grandparents lived on 23rd and Columbia Blvd, just up the street from Marbett’s Flowers. I also went to Adams High for a couple of years.

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