Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation, 1963

Men working on the Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation project, looking east on SW Arthur Street from SW 2nd Avenue, 1963.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, 2543 – Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation-Looking east on SW Arthur from SW 2nd, A2000-033, 1963.

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10 thoughts on “Marquam Gulch Sewer Relocation, 1963

  1. The old Victorian on the right is still there – it’s purple and green now. And LaGrande Industrial Supply is also still on the corner of 1st and Arthur.

  2. Note the billboard ” Richfield Offers New ‘lOO Plus Boron Octane’

    Western motorists found a new, more powerful fuel on the market this week when Richfield Oil Corporation announced its new ‘TOO Plus Boron Super Octane” gasoline. Introduction of the new gas was “timed to meet higher compression requirements in the new lines of 1959 automobiles,” according to Stan H. Green. Richfield Southern Division Manager. “Operators of older vehicles also will enjoy the extra power and economy of our new gasoline,” he added. Richfield became first among the majors to olfer gasoline of an over 100 octane rating manufactured under the Boron formula.

  3. This section of Portland had the possibility of becoming a picturesque area of residential homes and eateries. However, instead, it became an industrial park cluttered with offices and car parks; a weekend dead zone.

    When one finds themself in this area heading westbound, they find themself thinking, should I stay in the left lane and slowly creep up the hill or should I get into the right lane that moves faster and then cut into the left lane at the last moment? For me, it’s usually the latter if the timing is right.

  4. Richfield was running a key chain promotion in the fall of 1963. The claim was “Richfield Boron will clean your carburetor as you drive… and keep it clean or Richfield will pay the labor on a boil out occurring after 2,000 miles of driving”

    To get your key chain it was simple as this ” Just drive into any Richfield station, sign a Golden Guarantee, mail it to Richfield.” “By the time you’ve driven with Richfield Boron exclusively in your car for 2,000 miles, Richfield will send you a handsome Golden Guarantee medallion key chain. It will be personalized with your own initials and a code number. Should you lose your keys they can be dropped in any mail box by the finder-postage free- and returned via Richfield”

  5. wploulorenziprince the reason the left lane is slowly creeping up the hill is (insert anatomical reference here) like you who think they are superior to everyone else cause the left lane to slow.

  6. I’m wondering about “Beaver Aluminum”, never heard of that. And also, the “Lompoc”, is that a tavern, and is it related to the better known version–perhaps moved because of this or later constructions? And the LaGrand Industrial–that building looks exactly the same today too. And what would the old victorian have been originally–home, apartment, commercial use? It certainly uses every inch of the lot. Quite a few cool old house hiding in this area. Nice to see them renewed!

  7. Thorn,
    And also, the “Lompoc”, is that a tavern,…
    The New Old Lompoc was a popular watering hole in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Many P.S. students and employees up Pill Hill had the walls of that old building shaking most every night of the week, many fond memories.

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