A slight change to comments

I want to apologize for the racist and hateful comments and images that were posted in the message board over the weekend. This is an ongoing issue and I’ve taken several steps to minimize the impact to our Vintage Portland community, but these steps are not enough.  Many have asked about blocking the individual(s), which we do; however, new email and IP addresses are the standard workaround, and they pop up again, so I’m taking the next step. For the time being, comments will be moderated.  

Moderated comments mean a delay in posting because I’ll need to approve the comments before they’ll show up on the Vintage Portland page. I’ve been hesitant to do this because it will affect the way conversations flow; after all, the message board discussions are what makes this community so special. However, I am confident the discussions will still flourish with the new process.

Please keep in mind, this is site run by the City of Portland and is staffed only during City business hours. While I am not able to monitor the site constantly, I will approve comments throughout the day. Comments submitted during the evening hours and over the weekend will not be approved until the next day we are open for business.  If you have any concerns or have knowledge of WordPress functions that can help us deal with hateful trolls, please let me know.

21 thoughts on “A slight change to comments

  1. I certainly understand the need to make changes. Thank you for keeping this going. You do great work and having this blog to look forward daily is greatly appreciated by me (and others here too I assume). A very heartfelt thanks from this grateful reader.

  2. I missed whatever the nasty comments were. It is a commentary on the underlying nastiness of our society. Best wishes for trying to patrol what should be unnecessary under normal human decency.

  3. There are always going to be a few people that will spew venom. I would prefer you just delete the comments when you see them. I’ve enjoyed the flow of conversation I’ve seen here.

  4. I love Vintage Portland and look forward to it every day! You do a great job. My comments are best reflected in Make Slama’s comment above. Thanks Mike! And Thanks VP!

  5. I echo the thoughts expressed by Jerry, Mike, and Fred. Thank you so much for keeping this blog going. Not only do I learn a lot from what contributors write, but I often go seek out the day’s site in person, acquainting me with different parts of our city and giving me exercise.

  6. Another option is to approve the posters of messages, Anyone can read the comments but there is a list of authorized message posters. A poster would have to request access to post and could be removed from he list on his first message which had illegal content.

    That would allow the free flow of messages and you would not have to read all messages before they were posted. Time wise you would have to approve all new members that wanted to post and remove posters of content we don’t need to see. But I suspect your time required to administer the site would be greatly reduced.

    Just a thought

  7. Instituting moderating all comments is an unfortunate but probably necessary change. This well chill conversation and slow exchanges. The trolls have damaged this site.

  8. I think Jim Lamb’s idea is genius! As an aside, I’ve often wished we regular posters could meet in person. If there were an “approved poster” list, maybe the moderator could somehow let us organize a “meet and greet” somewhere sometime, once the pandemic is over!

  9. Sorry, it’s had to come to this. I know one of our community sites is constantly monitored by a very dedicated moderator. I shudder to think how many hours he puts into it – especially since people have assumed a “no holds barred” attitude in general. I foolishly thought a history page would be spared the grief.
    Thanks to all of you for the great work and comments shared. I’ve learned so much about my hometown!

  10. Thank you for taking what steps you need to defuse the antagonists (I refuse to call them “trolls” because they revel in it. Similarly, I don’t call them or their more visible ilk “provocateurs” because that just degrades a word used for people trying to change the world for good). I think an approved commentor system is a good idea as well. Keep up the good work and realize that YOU don’t have to apologize. It’s the bad actors who should be ashamed and apologetic.

    Sincerely, one of the good Jims who post here.

  11. People who go somewhere just to spew hate and negativity are deeply sad. I love this site and thank you for this and your continued contributions!

  12. Thank you VP. Thank you members–your insights make this site a miraculous time machine of memories. I adore it.

  13. Change the release date to Monday (instead of Sunday) and limit comment times to business hours. It could reduce the number of comments and enable staff to remove offensive ones faster.

  14. JP — I’m not sure what you mean by changing the release date. We generally get a new VP post every weekday (holidays excepted).

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