12 thoughts on “NE Fremont Street, 1949

  1. Poor 82nd. To paraphrase George Orwell, it must have a bitter, defiant paganism, a conviction that life is short and the gods are against it.

  2. Today’s photo looks familiar. Until I was 3 years old my family lived on NE Tillamook, just off 82nd (late 1940s). Where the Les Schwab is now there was a mom-and-pop grocery store, and my Mom used to take me in a stroller along 82nd to an ice cream shop about a block north of Tillamook. Imagine doing that now! 82nd was already changing — more traffic, more commercial development, noisier day and night. That’s why my family moved to another neighborhood, far away in SW Portland.

  3. I once owned a house on NE Beech St. (two blocks north of here) and it was a newly built house at this time. My next-door neighbor who still lives in her house has lived there since 1949. She told me the contractor (a Swedish immigrant) built 10 houses along the North end of Beech that backed up to The Grotto property.

    This corner like so many others had businesses that catered to the maintenance and fueling of cars (and 2 corners still do today). Every US city has a least one main road that is nothing more than one long ugly commercial strip that seems to run on forever, like 82 ave. does. The one running along the San Francisco peninsula it’s called El Camino Real.

    All the homes visible in this photo have been torn down and replaced by commercial buildings or duplexes.

    Today view”

  4. of coursse this is the same corner, or just a few doors to the North, where two people (cousins) were shot and killed Tuesday morning and 3 more hospitalized.

  5. IGOR; thanks for this picture which is differnet, as Fremont goes across the picture, and ‘we’ are driving down the 82nd street, not sure what direction. What do we know about Gilmore red LIon (service station) that wants to give you information. Bet they had lots of Road maps.

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