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  1. Oaks Park opened on May 30, 1905. Excerpts from the Oregonian May 31, 1905
    OPENING OF THE OAKS— Beautiful resort on Island in the river–Every attraction to invite and nothing to which objection could be raised.

    The Oaks opened last night as a summer resort and amusement place. lying up river on the East side, and reached by O. W. P. cars, the resort contains within it’s boundaries all that a person should wish of an evening. It is a combination of reformed Coney Island and a Parisian cafe, with the river thrown in.

    But most do not care for such quiet diversions, and they are well cared for, primarily the Chutes attract. Last night crowds stood on line for an hour for a chance to ride, and have the glorious sensation of racing madly down the incline to splash with a thud into the pond at the end.

    The Chutes started 75 feet above ground.

  2. Interesting postcard note to “Dear Aunty”, in which the writer says, “I know you’re familiar with this place; well, they’re open again, but I haven’t been there yet. They got a dance hall and Crest Manor. Carrie and I were there but didn’t dance. Then she talks about going to the coast in late August.

    This is a crazy ride.

  3. When I was growing up in the 50’s & 60’s we always went to Oaks Park and never to Jantzen Beach. It was where my dad went when he was a kid so we went there. He told me stories about the old roller coaster that went out over the swamp and how scary it was. I have never been able to find a picture of it. He also went roller skating there, I have his roller skates in their carry box with stickers from Oaks Park and The Imperial roller skating rinks on it.

  4. I spent a lot of time at Oaks park in the 50’s. I lived in the Brooklyn district just off Milwaukie Ave. My mom would take me to Oaks part all the time. Loved the rides and roller skating. I was usually able to take a few friends as well. I also remember the big flood in the early 60’s. The skating rink is located on floats and during the flood the floor was cut loose and floated on the water. As a result the floor was saved and reused after the water receded.

    We also got to have dinner after visiting the park at the Anchorage. My mom loved the fish and chips there. But I think it is gone now. Also I remember getting to ride the trolley that went to Oregon City. It disappeared some time near the end of the 50’s. I love trains and trolleys so I was sorry to see it go. The park was a great place to go as a kid. Start with a picnic, play in the park and stop at a great toy shop in Westmoreland located on Milwaukie Ave.

    I miss the old neighborhood. I have spent the last 52 years working in Silicon Valley. Just not the same.

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