8 thoughts on “Columbia Villa, circa 1942

  1. Looks like the wall section these guys are putting in place is joined with some kind of leaf, knuckle, and pin assembly, using a crowbar to elevate the base…tough physical work.

  2. Found this at: incident-prevention.com

    Not many of us would think to include Edward W. Bullard on that list, but 100 years ago – in 1919 – he invented the hard hat, which today is one of the most recognized safety products in the world and is responsible for saving thousands of lives over the past century.

  3. Tough work is right! Perfect pic to ask though; With quality old school cobblers then, were work boots better/durable (not comfortable) than todays? I say slightly yes.

  4. Dominis I agree this housing unit looks like it is being disassembled. They are using a pry bar to detach this wall from where it is nailed to the floor, this does not look like new construction and the wall shows signs of having something attached to it before this photo was taken. The date is circa 1942, buy I believe this is a post WW II photo when the Housing Authority sold homes that could be disassembled and moved to the buyers own site. I have seen in the past several newspaper ads for the Johns Woods project where homes were being sold in this manor.

  5. I wonder if the location is correct. Columbia Villa was designed to be permanent housing not a temporary war housing project although it was used as war housing during the war.

  6. Mike you are correct on Columbia Villa it was built to be a permanent project. The Oregonian on August 9, 1942 page 26 has a list of housing projects in Portland, Vancouver and Clackamas county and list them as permanent or temporary and some were a mix. The temporary buildings are are called “Demountable” buildings.

    From my comment earlier today I mentioned ads selling these homes and and below are a few highlight from an ad on April 4, 1954.
    Federal Construction Corp.— For Sale Federal Project Buildings- Panel type buildings 26-28-30 32 feet- complete plumbing, kitchen and bath– 1 Bdrm. single –$250– 4 Bdrm single $400 — Easily demounted and re-assembled– will dismantle and ship anywhere

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