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  1. This photo and a short story were published in the Oregonian on June 23, 1953, with the following photo caption and a few excerpts from the story.
    (photo caption)
    Sixty railway fans jammed the seats of old 1101 Sunday to salute this last of the old wooden interurban cars on her final run to Boring. The photo was taken by Fred L. Blaisdell of Oak Grove, who had been motorman on the old car on its run to the end of the line at Cazadero. Impromptu run over the line was arranged by Portland Traction Company officials.

    The impromptu farewell trip was arranged by Pacific Northwest Electric Railway Association, a group of fans headed by Edgar Rynerson.

    A couple of uninvited non-members started dismantling the car in the traditional last trip souvenir hunting manner, but club members recovered the loot, they reported.

    Residents along the right of way, who haven’t seen passenger service to Bull Run since 1930 or to Caradero since 1932, although freight is still hauled by diesel engines to Boring.

  2. I am curious, was there a specific light rail line that had people transport services, or did they put it on a freight line? I know there are several freight lines (some are decomissioned now or turned into walking trails, etc.), but it would be very interesting to know if they had a specific rail line for people transport – Because we used to have a lot more light rail/street cars back in the day compared to now, and demonstrates how far we have fallen in the light rail/street car transports compared to back then.

  3. Dave– The Cazadero station was the end of the interurban line and was located approx. 5 miles beyond Estacada OR. along what is now Hwy. 224.

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