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  1. Or this?

    Does the sign saying “Trailer Camp”, mean actual truck trailers or was it a “trailer park” with folks living or staying there?

  2. The numbers guy, out in the middle of nowhere with his back to us, looks as though he might be contemplating…. As Robert Frost wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

  3. mike,
    Thanks for the heads up regarding the renaming of the oddly named streets along the length of Columbia Blvd. It is nice to have streets named systematically, but it would mean a $150 map upgrade for my Toyota’s GPS for it to remain accurate. I think I’ll just try to remember the changes and make the conversions as I drive.

  4. Are we sure of the location? The Google maps links shared by members show an intersection where the headstone of Frederick H. Ramsey is located. His headstone is also under a big tree. Seeing how he died in 1895 and this photo was taken in 1940, shouldn’t his headstone and the tree be visible in the photo?

  5. The trailer camp near Oregon Shipbuilding in St Johns was called “Meadowlark trailer camp” but the exact location is not known. Several times we have seen photos of war housing developments like “Guilds Lake” & “Vanport” but Meadowlark trailer camp was several steps down in quality. Many of the building are little more than shacks with tar paper roofs, or some look like chicken coops, and streets of mud. The owner of the camp was arrested several times as detailed in the following story.

    Oregon Journal August 18, 1943 Page 17
    Trailer Camp Owner Arrested Third Time
    J. F. Gilmore operator of the Meadowlark trailer camp near the Oregon Shipyards in St. Johns was arrested again late Tuesday by Deputy Warren Weiss and John Franklin on charges of operating a tourist camp without a certificate of inspection and operating and maintaining a tourist camp not in accordance with rules and regulations of the state board of health.

    The Oregon Historical Society has about 8 photos of conditions in the camp that were taken by a photographer for the Oregon Journal. If you Google “Meadowlark trailer camp, St. Johns” that should get you to the OHS digital collection.

  6. Heather Craig >>>> At last, a picture lacking racism.

    Images are images, they just capture what was there at that place and time.

    It takes people to create racism. Or not.

  7. Dennis, thanks for your research about the Meadowlark Trailer Camp, which brought back a distant memory of passing by the camp on the way to the infamous Meadowlark Dump, where all of Portland dumped its garbage, yard waste, and other refuse for decades, including industrial waste, beginning in 1940. In the 1990s a big cleanup began to prevent contaminated dump runoff from leaching into the nearby Columbia Slough, and Smith and Bybee Lakes near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. The couple of times I went out there as a kid in the 1950s a couple of weird, but interesting, old guys operated the dump. I wish I could tell you the location of the trailer camp, or rather what was left of it at the time, but all I can remember is that it was somewhere out there along the way to the dump. I don’t think anyone was living in it by that time. After dad’s dump run, on our return to town, St. Johns sure looked good!

    I understand Port of Portland officials, Metro, and bird researchers are currently rehabilitating the old landfill site as a nesting site for larks. The former dump has been sealed, covered with dredged sand, and will serve as an open-prairie nesting site for larks. To read more, see:

  8. Heather Graig, you surprised me.. . It seems you didn’t notice that the white sign is positioned in front of the black sign.. . Which, by the example’s of your racial accusations in your past reply’s to these posted images, would have been another great opportunity for you to chastised those of the past and present again.
    Like most with your slant on how nearly all American life in the past is wrong, and how it should all be “canceled” to start anew in order to live correctly, you proven that you and those of your political persuasion are wrong . You should know you can’t change the past by erasing it, and why would you want to?
    True history is the only thing you have to learn from to change the future for the better.

  9. Back in early July of 2017 the Western Meadowlark that had been the official state bird since 1927 was about to be replaced by the legislature as official state bird with the Osprey, but a compromise was reached and the Osprey was named the official state raptor. The 2021 Oregon State Blue Book (book of facts) shows the Western Meadowlark as state bird & Osprey as state raptor.

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