6 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1972

  1. This photo was taken when gasoline was still flowing and readily available. The “gas crisis” (oil embargo 10/73 – 3/74) was still over a year away, as was the signing of President Nixon’s executive order lowering the speed limit on highways to 55 mpg from 65. The haze and smog that is seen hanging in the air in the West hills in this morning photo have by in large been reduced significantly since this time.

    The 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle parked on the right corner looks to have had a tough life; long-standing dirt, body damage (misaligned, sprung trunk lid).

    The last car in the line of traffic looks to be a better cared-for 1966 Plymouth Barracuda with the car directly in front of it being an MG with its top-down.

    The car pulling onto eastbound Hawthorne at the left is a 1965/66 AMC Rambler American.

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