10 thoughts on “Irving Park, 1972

  1. Looking back the other way, through the pavilion to the playground. Maybe the playground was under construction in today’s photo?

  2. This looks to be quite the photo op with the film cameraman and scruffy news photographer with a heavy camera strapped around his neck. Looks like an early-style skateboard park or something; much different than those being built today.

  3. That looks like the number man seen in yesterday’s photo in the crowd; only from the left rear.

  4. My comment on 7/13/21 on the 1972 construction of the baseball backstop at Col. Summers Park referenced a story in the Oregon Journal on 5/8/68 on future park improvements.
    The Efiles for this photo also indicates this is a news conference marking the start of park improvements.
    This is what was written about improvements in Oregon Journal on 5/8/68 for Irving Park.

    Irving Park—Picnic kitchen, $2,500: Spray area (for small children to wade and run in) $1,000 and bandstand $3,900

  5. Herb Amerson, one of the founders of the Irvington Community Association also pushed for upgrading Irving Park, which by the 1970s had fallen into disrepair. I suspect this is the dedication of the playground that was created as part of his efforts. The playground was refurbished a few years ago, after over 40 years of use. About the same time, the basketball courts near Fremont and NE 7th, the opposite corner of the park were opened.

  6. There was a picture of mayor Neil Goldschmidt at the park maybe a year later. He was surrounded by what I think was my full little league team and I am facing the camera. My family kept it on a bulliten board for years but now it is lost to time. If any of you sleuthers can find it I would much appreciate it.

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