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  1. I believe it is 8th and Stafford. I googled the street and found the address for the house on the corner and it’s on 8th and stafford

  2. Yeah a lot of stairs. I delivered mail there for a few years from 1979-1985. That is the true 8th and Stafford.

  3. Seeing that guy standing there with the sign makes me want to see the real number man. Haven’t seen that cool dude for a while here.

  4. What a messy yard. At least somebody put a railing on those steep steps so you won’t fall going up and down. I didn’t realize numbers men were still doing their thing in the 1970s since most of the number men photos date from much earlier.

  5. The condition of the house at the corner 806 NE Stafford looks to have had a tough life having been built in that location. People thought it could be tamed with concrete (heavy retaining wall and steps) but in the end, these measures proved ineffective. The yard in the VP photo is actually a bit nicer (there are at least a couple of shrubs) than today, although the house itself looks better now. The house today looks like the owner decided to spruce up the house first and bolster the retaining wall, while they ponder what to do with the yard. Or perhaps it’s a rental property and the house was painted and the yard will continue to remain as is, as the occupants’ BBQ on the front porch.

    The white picket fences seen in today’s photo have been replaced by chainlinks and it appears that many of the original old homes have been replaced with new construction.

    I wonder what the number man’s name was? He looks like Charles or Frank to me. Age? 55-60. He looks quite spiffy in his shades.

  6. I like the kids toy car on the left behind the bush. Imagine this street from a child’s point of view. One big playground with the neighborhood kids. It looks like the angle of the parked car was to avoid the board and maybe some toys in the street? Same as it ever was.

  7. wploulorenziprince – It’s a prime spot on that rise. Sure the yard is unkempt and the retaining wall is beginning to fail (as most retaining walls inevitably do around here). But it’s fairly easy to fix the drainage issue behind the wall and spruce up the yard. To me, the house and stairs look built to last and in good condition considering they were built in 1912 according to PortlandMaps.

  8. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this photo was taken in preparation for installation of storm sewers and curbs along this street.

  9. I’m looking forward to VintagePortland’s reply to the incredible researchers that helped identify this location.

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