12 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1972

  1. i used to date a girl who lived in the that top floor corner apartment in the building on the right… this stretch of hawthorne is basically still the same… most of the buildings in the picture are still here.

    as a side note… those mercury capri’s are finally starting to get some traction in the classic car market…

  2. The Warnell Apt. Building in the distance on left still remains.

    As does the Morely Court Apts on the right.

    The “Flowers” building too, is also preserved.

    More green space today…

    The traffic jams never stop.

  3. I think the huge tree by the flower shop is still there today. And there’s lots more greenery today.

  4. In the distance are the three matching Harrison Street apartment buildings. Anyone know what year they went up?

  5. Unfortunately, that tree is gone (assuming we’re all looking at the same tree on the south side of Hawthorne). It was cut down a couple of months ago. I don’t know why, but it’s a real loss. Many of the trees in Ladd’s Addition are Dutch Elms and if this tree was one of them, it may have been too sick to save…but I’m guessing.

  6. the asylum apartment building is so ugly and dumb looking i hate it what was in its place ?

  7. My niece’s fabulous coffee shop—Oui Presse—is located among the cooling green space at 1740 SE Hawthorne. Shawna has been open for 10 years in that same location through thick and thin, recession and pandemic. For you car buffs she frequently posts photos of neat ones that park in the neighborhood on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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