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  1. This entire street corner was completely obliterated by 1980. I looked, but I couldn’t find any information about the Lew’s Man’s Shop, [the] “Home Of Style”.

    I did find some historical information about the Black Panther Party in Portland (see link below) https://www.oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/black_panthers_in_portland/

    Here’s an excerpt: “By the end of that year, the Portland Panthers had started a Children´s Breakfast Program at Highland United Church of Christ—where they fed up to 125 children each morning before school—as well as the Fred Hampton Memorial People´s Health Clinic, extending free medical care five evenings a week at 109 North Russell to anyone of any race. In February 1970, the BPP opened a dental clinic at 2341 North Williams. When their medical clinic was condemned and razed to accommodate a planned expansion of Emanuel Hospital, the chapter moved their Monday and Tuesday night dental practice to the Kaiser dental clinic at 214 N Russell and their medical clinic to the former dental clinic space on North Williams.

    “It felt good,” Oscar Johnson recalls. “We were doing something. We had the respect of the community.” New members were attracted to the social programs, and the Portland chapter grew, though it never exceeded fifty members, about a third of whom were women. Original members included Johnson, a former U.S. Marine; Percy Hampton, who joined while still at Jefferson High School; Tommy Mills, a decorated Vietnam War vet; Joyce Radford, who volunteered for the medical clinic; Sandra Ford, whose work at the medical clinic launched her in a new career; and Kent Ford, captain of the Portland chapter, who had turned down a college scholarship in order to support his mother and siblings in Richmond, California. At the time of Ford’s much-publicized arrest, he was running a crew that sold candy door-to-door and sending money home.”

    “Meanwhile, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover declared the BPP a threat to national security. In August 1967, he issued an internal memorandum directing the FBI´s counter-intelligence program to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize” the party. The result nationally was the assassination or incarceration of many party members, including Fred Hampton and Geronimo Pratt. Many former Panthers remain in prison or exile today.” Written by Martha Gies for Portland Historical Society.

  2. Today’s photo is perhaps from 1971 or earlier. Lew’s placed ads in the Oregonian in December 1971 and January 1972 which read as follows.

    Progress has forced Lew’s Man’s Shop to quit. The location must be vacated for future development. Hurry in for best selection. ALL SALES FINAL!!
    113 N. Russell at Vancouver Ave.
    Note there are no sale signs in the windows.

    Oregonian March 15, 1973 (excerpt)
    Hampton Clinic Told It Must Vacate Site
    The Fred Hampton People’s Free Health Center will have to vacate its quarters at 109 N Russell to make way for a major expansion by Emanuel Hospital. The building which the clinic occupies is scheduled for demolition later this month.

  3. Mustafa – my thoughts about this shop and this neighborhood are remembering the Upstairs nightclub. My boyfriend took me there when I was a clueless 18 year old. He was a jazz fan and the Upstairs had a great jam night. No question about AGE, just went right in. In my jeans and casual hippie style clothes I was totally out of place. The men (maybe in clothes from Lew’s) and women were dressed to the nines in every color and print. I had to just sit and stare at the fabulous fashion parade in that place. It was fantastic.

  4. Lew Gress owned and operated the Man Shop in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
    Many advertisements in the Oregon Advance Times, a historically Black weekly paper serving NE. Apartments on the second floor. The building was taken out during the urban renewal project for the hospital.

  5. If you’re looking for an honest appraisal of history, Martha Gies isn’t capable of providing it. Might as well have Howard Zinn write it.

  6. all of them buildings should have been saved so many demolished to many ! i saw a
    really nice Romanesque revival brick ached windowed one on that block too
    why cant do more to persevere our historic unique architecture of long ago
    how it can be lost like that is beyond me !!

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