SE Mcloughlin Boulevard, 1972

Lighting along SE Mcloughlin Boulevard, looking west towards SE Milwaukie Avenue overpass, 1972.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, Lighting along Mcloughlin Blvd looking West towards SE Milwaukie Ave overpass, A2012-005, 1972.

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12 thoughts on “SE Mcloughlin Boulevard, 1972

  1. This photo is not looking toward the Milwaukie Blvd. overpass, but is looking at the southbound lanes of Mcloughlin Blvd & the intersection with SE 17th. The AAMCO was shop is located at 5035 SE Mcloughlin, and is pictured in VP photo on 3/2/2021.

  2. I’d never heard the terms “punch bug” or “padiddle” used by Dominic, above. My father always used to say, “there’s a one-eyed monster” when referring to a car with one of its headlights burnt out.

    It appears that this area of SE McLoughlin isn’t as heavily lit with street lights today as it once was, it’s darker now.

    I like night photography, the landscape looks so different when it’s dark, and the film noir style of the 1950s used it well for dramatic effect.

  3. Thanks, Dominic — You’ve added two new words to my vocabulary! I’ve never heard them before. Are you Canadian?

  4. wploulorenziprince — as we used to say in my 1950’s childhood, “Jinx! You owe me a Coke!”

  5. Street lighting far superior in 1972 than present day illumination. Are those high pressure sodium street lamps?

  6. Those lamps are probably mercury vapour. That was the most common streetlanp of that time. Sodium lamps were less expensive but not as popular. Sodiums colour is a weird orange-yellow hue. Mercury lamps emit a whitish colour better simulating natural daylight.

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