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  1. Is the Standard station now the Jiffy Lube? And what about the big house in the background, is it still there? I have a vague memory of my family having a car just like those in the pictures. Soon to be replace by a more modern post-war Chevy.

  2. Susan if you Google the address of the Mann home (1021 NE 33rd Ave. Portland) there is a 3 minute video of the interior.

  3. And what is even more exciting about the Mann Home is what is about to happen to it. The ‘old folks home’ closed many years ago and a Meditation Community has been in the building up until about a year ago. The information about the current plan in the works is online, it will be affordable housing with many amenities.
    As for the cars — YES our family owned two of them through the 40’s and early 50’s.

  4. I can’t believe that I’ve lived in Portland for 77 years and have never heard of the Mann home! I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in SW Portland. I drive through that intersection often, so I’m definitely going to take a look-see soon. Here’s a brief statement of the current plans.

    Early Assistance has been requested by Emerick Architects for the Mann House at 1021 NE 33rd Ave: Project to convert the Mann House into an affordable housing complex serving low income families. By renovating the existing 51,000sf building and creating a new, 36,000sf addition, 88 total units will be created (8 three-bedrooms, 35 two-bedrooms and 45 one-bedrooms).

  5. *** Note: Post Contains Car Related Comments ***
    As to not get too carried away by today’s post, which is without a doubt a car buff’s dream, I will confine myself to the cars in or near the intersection.
    The car nearest the camera on the left is a 1947 Pontiac sedan. The car that’s turning is a 1947 Plymouth P15 2-door sedan. Also seen is an 1929 Ford Model A.

    And by far the most interesting car in the photo, exiting at the right, is possibly a 1938 Lincoln Zephyr; but I was unsuccessful in finding a satisfactory match. If you know what it is, please tell us.

  6. I don’t recall if this youtube video was posted on Vintage Portland. If so, sorry for the repeat. Various cross streets to Sandy Blvd. showing traffic in the late 1930’s. More like Oaks Park bumper cars than organized traffic flow. https://youtu.be/X8jntU0MOJM

  7. Bob S. I think you may be correct, it looks like a 1935 GM La Salle Coupe. It’s difficult finding an example online showing this car with the narrower “V” shaped rear bumper; very graceful. I wasn’t familiar with this model before. Thank you.

  8. Neat poles, but they are not carrying telephone circuits.
    Said that, the closest thing to telephone is the lower most short crossarms with two insulators. Those are circuits of the City’s District Telegraph what served the pullbox firealarms.

  9. i have a bunch of those beautiful old mahogany brown signal type insulators there works of art the way there where glazed a long time ago insulators are boring now a days

  10. One of the better photos and totally agree about the vintage autos…oh ya, a bit of traffic I’d say!

  11. While Bruce’s pet peeve is people picking out the cars, mine used to be the people that would instantly feel the need to put up the Google street view right away. Almost as if it was a competition or something. Oh well.

  12. vintage autos are made better solid with real steel by hand more craftsmanship than now a days ! NO CHEAP PLASTIC !!

  13. If you haven’t been along this stretch of Sandy lately, the entire frontage from Jiffy Lube to 31st including the old Tonic Lounge is being regraded and building footings poured for the housing project mentioned above.

  14. wploulorenziprince, to correct your auto identifications, the Plymouth coupe turning is a 47-48 or early 1949. It is a Special Deluxe model. The Special Deluxe hood side emblem was not on the 1946 models. The car you identify as a 1947 Pontiac can be either a 1946 or 1947. Look closely at the car you identify as a 1929 Ford. It does not wear a Ford radiator grill [ wrong shape ] and the bar that mounts the headlights is not shaped like the one used on 1929 Fords. I see nothing the matches a Lincoln Zephyr.

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