21 thoughts on “Guilds Lake Courts Division, circa 1944

  1. Ok- at first I thought those little sheds were for garbage cans, but I don’t think those two women would be peering into the trash! Ha. The small side door makes me wonder if it’s a chicken coop? I was told the old houses used to “store” them under the porch until they butchered them. Is that right?

  2. would they be coal or sawdust bins? small opening at top, square door at bottom, no windows or other openings. seems an odd way to build a coop. oh, and that truck looks like an 1898 katzenjammer; i can tell by the goose down in the tires… (sorry bruce – couldn’t resist).

  3. Coal for heating. Unmetered electricity too !
    Looks like maybe 40 amp, 120 volt to each unit.

  4. So these are coal bins are they? That explains why these women are wearing hand protection. The woman with her hair up wearing a bandana has the bin lid raised. Exactly what they were doing at this moment is unclear. I used a coal-burning fireplace in Shrewsbury, England when my family and I lived in an old 3-story row house next to the Severn River; they generate a lot of heat.

    Not much in the way of privacy living in such a development; at times it must have been difficult.

  5. Back when Portland was honest about their environmental impacts. Coal/wood burned for heat and cooking. Minimal electrical usage. Every house didn’t own 2 cars. No air conditioning. Fresh water supply wasn’t being exhausted. Garbage generated was buried locally. No TVs, laptops, smart phones, etc
    Honest environmental footprint unlike today.

  6. @Carl,
    Those are for clothes lines. Few had clothesdryers those days.
    Of those few, its safe to say they didn’t live in migrant worker housing.
    Next to gravel street, not a great place for clothesline. But those flats probably had no backdoor, perhaps no backyard to speak of either.

  7. This low end housing would be a godsend for many folks today. I continue to wonder why the City and County turn a blind eye.

  8. Ever taken the train from Durango Colorado to Silverton? When you get back your clothes are covered with black soot from the coal they burn. I know better than to respond to you idiots so this will be the last time ever.

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