11 thoughts on “Division Street, 1968

  1. Not a single person in sight here…

    The house at the corner of SE 42nd Ave. was the only house that didn’t have chainlink fencing around it in 1968. In current street view, it’s now the only house that has it. That must have happened sometime after the house next door at 5211 was torn down and replaced by the Dominique Apt building at some point.

    Things look better today with the two billboards removed (ref. Blue-Shield and Political Ad in today’s photo), and the Mobil gas/oil discount station at the bend has been replaced by a parking lot.

    The business sign on the left is hard to discern…some sort of “cleaners”, chimney cleaners perhaps, or “Rug Masters”?

    Cars that interest me are the 1961 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon on the right and the 1956 Chevy Panel Van on the left.

  2. In regards to the leaning power pole in today’s photo compared to the Google Street Views of this block going back to 2007, I would say firstly that there are 3 power poles on the left in the VP post and the leaning pole is the most distant one and it never had a transformer placed on it (it got removed and replaced with a new pole with a street light attached when sidewalk and bus stop modifications were made more recently (sometime between 2011 and 2014).

    The tall middle (2nd) pole seen in today’s post with the transformer on it is the power pole that was later decapitated (sometime between 2014 and 2016) and remains so, to this day.

  3. what were the beginning and end points of the ‘portland uses pressure-treated wood for sign posts’ era? and bruce, sometimes the cars are the most interesting things in the photo.

  4. wploulorenziprince the sign partially blocked by the power pole has a little man wearing a top hat that looks like a “Ringmaster” so I checked news archives for “Rugmasters” and at 4236 SE Division st. I found ads for a carpet cleaner.

  5. The five alien aircraft in the image is a testament to the quality and recent care taken in the selection of these photographs. They almost have me wishing for the return of the Selwood Bridge dayzzzzz zz zzzzzZzz . πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ» .

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